Strategic Advisory Services

The Investments Team is responsible for all acquisitions and dispositions on behalf of Strathallen’s Investors.
The team's mandate is to strategically acquire and dispose of quality investments and deliver market leading risk-adjusted returns.
Strathallen prides itself on having tremendous national relationships with both the principal and broker communities.  Approximately 50% of our acquisitions and dispositions are achieved off-market.
New acquisitions are sourced, structured, negotiated, financed and thoroughly underwritten by the Investments Team.  Dispositions are driven by material execution of the business plans, strategic exit timing and identification of the right buyer in the market.
Through the strength of the nationally integrated Strathallen platform, the Investments Team works closely with the asset management, property management, leasing, development and accounting teams to perform efficiently and with agility, building upon our proven track record of generating outstanding returns to our Investors.
Strathallen offers Strategic Advisory Services to third party clients on a "for fee" basis.