Our Team

Executive Team

  • Cathal O'Connor

    Chief Executive Officer
    Cathal is the Chief Executive Officer of Strathallen. He brings over 30 years of industry experience in leading value-creation strategies that generate superior returns for investors. He served as the Executive Vice President and CFO for a large Canadian pension fund, and has extensive expertise in Finance, Operations, and Asset Management.
  • Brian Spence

    Brian is a Director and co-founder of Strathallen and brings more than 40 years of real estate industry experience. He was a founding member and senior corporate executive of several real estate companies. Brian also served as Chairman of C2C Industrial, a TSX listed company.
  • David Wright

    David is a Director and co-founder of Strathallen, with more than 40 years of real estate experience. Prior to Strathallen, David served as a senior corporate executive and founded several real estate companies. He was the CEO of C2C Industrial, a TSX listed company.
  • Terra Attard

    Chief Operating Officer
    Terra Attard is the Chief Operating Officer of Strathallen. Terra is a highly accomplished real estate professional in multi-asset classes throughout Canada and the United States. She brings experience in asset and property management along with development via public, private, and pension organizations.
  • Arash (Ari) Hesamy

    Chief Financial Officer
    Ari is Chief Financial Officer for Strathallen. He oversees planning, reporting, treasury, corporate taxation, administration, information technology, as well as the human resources functions for the organization. Ari brings a significant amount of financial management experience with major accomplishments in business development and client services.
  • Don Burton

    Executive Vice President, Asset Management
    Don Burton is Executive Vice President of Asset Management for Strathallen. He leads the national asset management platform, leveraging over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate management, including strategic asset planning/management, property management, leasing and development for all asset classes.
  • Donald Burton

    Senior Vice President, Property Management
    Donald Burton is Senior Vice President of Property Management at Strathallen. He is responsible for overseeing all functions of Strathallen’s property management platform. Donald has over fifteen years of progressive real estate experience, primarily managing the leasing and operations of retail and mixed-use assets.
  • Taylor Brown

    Vice President, Investments
    Taylor is Vice President, Investments for Strathallen. He is responsible for Strathallen’s investment platform, including acquisitions and dispositions, and is a key participant in new fund development. Taylor has broad experience in asset management and development.
  • Brian J. Spence

    Director, Investments
    Brian is Director, Investments for Strathallen. He is responsible for sourcing and negotiating the acquisition and disposition of investment opportunities across Canada, including due diligence management and market research. Brian has experience in various asset classes at both institutional and private companies.
  • Dylan Rappel

    Associate, Investments
    Dylan is an Associate on Strathallen's Investments team. He is involved in analyzing and underwriting acquisitions and dispositions for Strathallen's investment platforms.
  • Grant Pretorius

    Senior Vice President, Development & Construction
    Grant is Vice President of Development and Construction for Strathallen. He leads all development and redevelopment projects, generating value-oriented solutions for Strathallen’s real estate assets. He has over 25 years experience in real estate development and construction management.
  • Shawn Pharasi

    Senior Director, Asset Management
    Shawn Pharasi is Senior Director, Asset Management for Strathallen. He is responsible for managing a national commercial portfolio, focused on repositioning assets and optimizing returns. Shawn has 14 years of commercial retail management experience, focused on development and leasing.

    Vice President, Leasing
    Petr is Vice President of Leasing for Strathallen, managing the leasing team and driving the retail strategy across the country. He has extensive experience with redevelopment and repositioning of underperforming assets.

    Senior Director, Leasing
    Charles is Director of Leasing for Strathallen. He is responsible for a national portfolio of 1.7 million square feet across Canada. He provides development, growth and asset repositioning strategies, in addition to strategic tenant leasing.
  • Adam Samuel

    Senior Leasing Manager
    Adam is responsible for a retail portfolio across Canada consisting of enclosed malls and light industrial properties. He works with a wide range of tenants and brokers to find ways to fill vacancies and create a strong mix of service focused tenants.
  • Samson Li

    Director of Finance
    Samson is Director of Finance for Strathallen. He is responsible for financial oversight, investor reporting, and financing at the asset and fund level.
  • Jane Lee

    Controller, Property and Portfolio Accounting
    Jane is the Controller of Portfolio and Property Accounting for Strathallen. She leads the accounting team in financial reporting at the asset and fund level. She is also responsible for investor reporting, cash management, and forecasting.

    Senior Asset Manager
    Ben is a Senior Asset Manager at Strathallen. He is responsible for strategy execution and value creation across a portfolio of assets in Ontario and Eastern Canada. Ben has extensive experience in asset management, property management and development, across various asset classes.
  • Richard Dillabaugh

    Regional Director, Property Management
    Richard holds the position of Regional Manager. Richard brings his 20 plus years of experience in property management of multiple asset classes to his responsibilities of providing guidance and support to our Property Management Team in the delivery and execution of our client-centric approach to property management.
  • Waleed Khanani

    Controller, Corporate Finance
    Waleed is the Assistant Controller of Corporate Finance for Strathallen and leads corporate finance, insurance risk management and information technology. His role also includes treasury, taxation and shareholder matters.