Strathallen provides Investors with confidence through co-investing and incentive fee arrangements which create a true alignment of interests.

Strathallen Closed-End Retail Value-Add Funds

Retail closed-end value-add funds focus on investments that satisfy one of the following criteria: a core property with leasing upside, a property with redevelopment potential, or a development property or site with strong retail development potential.  Strathallen provides strategic asset plans to reposition, redevelop and renovate these assets to deliver market leading risk-adjusted returns to the Investors.

Strathallen Retail Property Fund 4 (SRPF4)

  • Closed in September 2015
  • Funded by institutional investors and Strathallen 
  • Potential purchasing power of approximately $700 million 
  • Fund is progressing with its investments as expected

Strathallen Retail Property Fund 3 (SRPF3)

  • Closed in December 2010
  • Funded by institutional investors and Strathallen
  • Fourteen investments completed of approximately 1.55 million SF and $260 million
  • Two dispositions completed 

Strathallen Retail Property Fund (SRPF2)

  • Closed in June 2008
  • Funded by institutional investors and Strathallen
  • Thirteen investments completed of approximately 2.0 million SF and $200 million
  • Five dispositions completed

Strathallen Retail Property Fund 1 (SRPF1)

  • Closed in June 2005
  • Funded by institutional investors and Strathallen
  • Twelve investments of approximately 945,000 SF and $150 million
  • Seven dispositions completed